Fidia small Christmas crib

The aspect ratio of this mini crib was established on the basis of the Phidias constant or golden ratio. Its elements have been designed in scale with Autocad and then were prepared and assembled in the final work.

Its frame is made of poplar plywood panels with a thickness of 20 mm fixed with glue and wood screws and the two outer towers serve as the container for pre-amplified speakers. Inside them, they are coated integrally with cork conglomerate panels of 4 mm thickness to make them anechoic.

 In the central part of mini crib, between the two towers and in the back, are all the control elements consisting of two mikromedia cards for PIC 32 of MikroElektronika [both equipped with a 32-bit microcontroller PIC32MX460F512L and 80 MHz clock of Microchip and the decoder mp3 vs1053 of VLSI Solution] and a microcontroller ATMEGA328P-pu 8-bit and 16 MHz Atmel clock, external to them but which communicates with the mikromedia that reproduces the animals’ verses and songs. In front it is closed by a trompe l’oeil style painting.

The plexiglass which is the starry sky was cut by a laser, after having designed it in a scale of 1:1 with Autocad. The position of the constellations was derived from a map made from the Astronomical Observatory of Arcetri.

Its operating logic is identical to that of mini crib realized two years ago, on this site and for more details, please, refer to it.

The software has been updated to the new dimensions of the micro SD cards that host mp3 files. Being impossible to find those of 2 GB with FAT 16-bit, two of 8GB using a FAT 32-bit have been used and they required the review of their reading software of the files.

Gianni Bonfrisco [Autocad Design]
Nicholas Miglino [Carpenter]
Enrico Perozziello [Electronics]
Franco Vertullo [Painting]
Inplex, in Bellizzi [Plexiglass working]

worked with me to realize this work.

To them I express my gratitude.

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