Antonio Marzi

The history.

In the early years of this century, going through his papers and his memories of the war, Antonio Marzi found about sixty messages that he had composed and sent to the British during the Second World War. But, alas! Trying and trying again, he failed to decipher them! But he would not give up and requested Filippo Sinagra's help, a well known cryptologist. After a preliminary and detailed examination of the encrypted messages, an international challenge to solve these messages was organized, and after several years of intense study, in the wake of the few and even incorrect information provided by Marzi, the German  software engineer and brilliant cryptologist Armin Krauss won this competition. He and others have allowed to elucidate every aspect of the figure of Marzi and now all his messages can be decrypted correctly. We thank Professor Paolo Bonavoglia from Venice and Mr Filippo Sinagra from Mestre for the kind and efficient collaboration.

Paolo Bonavoglia's point of view:

Level X challenge s. Notes of an Italian soldier:

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