My Enigma - E

Marc Simons and Paul Reuvers  released a kit for those who want to create their own electrical version of "Enigma", the nazi electrical enciphering machine, after two years of work in the Spring of 2003. You can buy the kit from Bletcheley Park Museum (GB) or from Jan Corver museum (NL).
The pictures in this page show my Enigma - E, built with the help of Massimiliano Torrusio (ComputerLab - Vallo della Lucania - Sa) for the electronic part and for soldering it and Giuseppe Mingarelli (Mingarelli - Tecnologie Trasparenti - Salerno) for the beautiful plexiglas case.

Click on the bright blue links:

  •  to get detailed information about Enigma - E;

  •  to go to the Marc Simons and Paul Reuvers site. This is a superb and well documented site in the Netherlands: the Dutch Crypto Museum, dedicated to ciphering electromechanical machines and to similar tools used during the secret wars in the last century.

  • to get information, in Italian, about the Arthur Scherbius Enigma machine, adapted for military purposes of the nazi armies and for more detailed information: Wikipedia.

The pictures of my Enigma E are on the Crypto Museum of Marc Simons and Paul Reuvers in the Netherlands. Wow!

In addition, you can download an excellent simulator of Enigma machine from here, developed by Dirk Rijmenants, Belgian, winner of prestigious international awards and an extraordinary simulator of the Soviet ciphering machine Fialka, developed by Vyacheslav Chernov, Ukrainian.

More information about my Enigma - E