Secret codes at work


Program screenshots

This educational wide-range software wants the general public knows the key cryptographic techniques used by man in different times of history. The implemented techniques are currently 70 and are presented in a graphical and animated visualization.
Some names: single and double Playfair, the bifid cipher of Delastelle, Enigma, fractionated Pollux , Popham, ADFGX and ADFGVX, Übchi, ciphers with 2, 3 and 4 quadrants, Hill matrix 2 x 2 and 3 x 3, Vigenère (and 6 variants), disk cipher by Leon Battista Alberti, Mexican Army cipher, the US NAVY Larrabee, Slidefair, Hayhanen microfilm, nihilists cipher, Jewish ciphers (Atbash, Atbah, Albam) Polybius checkerboard, ... and many others.
There are notes on steganography, the great personalities of cryptology, cryptologic centers and events that have been heavily influenced by encryption and cryptanalysis: the Battle of Cape Matapan, the Second World War, the defeat of Caporetto, the Dreyfus case, the Zimmermann telegram and the outbreak of the First World War, the Pearl Harbor attack, the shooting down of Yamamoto, the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty in the war of the six days between Arabs and Israel ...
Finally, a small  iconographic review about the electromechanical and mechanical cipher machines and a brief bibliography (with very precious texts).