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I graduated in Medicine and Surgery and qualified to practice medicine at the Second University of Naples and I served for thirty years in the area of Urgency - Emergency of the National Health Service in the province of Salerno.
I am currently retired.
I was a software consultant for euroMultimedia, Momento Medico, MB & Care and COFORMED, initially as an internal consultant (2001 – 2003) and subsequently as a freelancer until 2012.
I have been translating some books of Medicine and Surgery about a number of clinical specialties for Momento Medico from 2000 to 2010 and, from 2009, I have also started translating a number of books about cryptography, programming, intelligence and similar topics, from French and from English. I am also translating some classical texts of cryptography (Vigenère, Trithemius...), from French and Latin of the Renaissance.
I have completed my translation of The Ebers papyrus (the oldest medical book in the world) from Cyril Bryan’s English version of 1930, based on Joachim’s German version, in turn translated from the Egyptian hieroglyphs.

Fields of action and areas of interest

+ Programming

Management Software: [AssiTec, Biancospino, Registro corrispettivi, ...]

Multimedia Software: [Trekking a Magliano Vetere, Una scuola per il territorio, ...]

Educational Software: [Codici segreti in azione, Emergency, ...]

Medical software: [Valutazione del rischio cardiovascolare e neurologico, Mini Medical Tool, ...]

Professional Software: [Cefalometria, ...]

+  Translations from French and from English

Physician, Biology, Pharmacologic and Cognitive Sciences Manuals

Computer science manuals

Cryptology manuals

Spy and secret wars thrillers

+ Advice to write university thesis

Medicine, biology, cognitive-pscicological science, pharmacy

Computer science, cryptography

+  Electronic Tutorials

Medical Microbiology

Medical hydrology and thermal tourism in Italy

+  Cryptology

Steganography and steganalysis

Cryptography (Classic - Modern - Electromechanical cipher machines)


History of cryptology

Digital electronics and microcontrollers

Christmas Crib art

Recent works